reStructuredText plugin

This is a little how-to for using the reStructuredText plugin inside GEdit: download it.

reSt Plugin Image



Unpack the zip file where you wanted to then :

Readme.rst and Readme.odt are just help files, you can do whatever you want with them.

You should then obtain something like this :



Activate the plugin via Edit/Préférences/Plugins and turn the reStructuredText plugin box on.

The plugin is now activated, and you should have a new panel inside the bottom pane named reSt Preview.


There's only one shortcut for the moment, maybe I'll create some others in the future.

Ctrl+Maj+R : is used to refresh the generated HTML view inside reSt Preview pane. If there's some selected text, the conversion process will only apply on it. If there's no selection, the entire document is processed. It may be usefull for testing.